Our Unique Training Opportunities

All training courses include a 1 month trial range membership

Class 100 - "Handgun Basics" A private tutoring session 

4 hours $50          

“Building a solid foundation”

This class is designed for the new handgun owner or novice, specifically those with little knowledge of handguns.Your individual tutoring session will be divided into two portions. The first section will discuss parts of a pistol and a revolver, the operating procedure, ammunition and safety. The second section will take place at the range. Students will use dry fire techniques to learn the fundamentals of shooting. These fundamentals; stance, grip, sight alignment, trigger control, breath control and follow through ensure success when shooting.

*This course requires payment and registration

Class 200 "Missouri CCW"

8 hours


 “Training Requirement for Missouri Concealed Carry Weapons Permit”

As required by Missouri Statute 571 (updated in August 2015) this course provides the necessary certification curriculum for participants to apply for their CCW permit. Although all Missouri CCW courses are required to cover the same curriculum, our instructors have taken that information and created a curriculum in terms all participants can comprehend and utilize. We have built our classes from our own CCW experiences, years of carrying concealed and our shooting knowledge. We give students opportunities to participate in exercises and scenarios to have a more “real” carrying experience. We go beyond the required curriculum and give students additional carrying information. We’ll discuss and demonstrate on and off body carrying options, handgun options to ensure a proper fit, and the differences of caliber and ammunition. In short, we strive to build safe, strong and smart gun owners and CCW permit holders. 

*This course requires payment and registration. CCW Classes are scheduled on the 2nd Saturday and 4th Sunday of each month.

​We have two fee schedules for this class (per person):

  • $65 you provide gun plus practice and qualifying ammo
  • $75 we provide gun plus practice and qualifying ammo

Class 200A "Corporate Concealed Carry"

8 hours

Group Prices Apply - Call for details     

 “Training Requirement for Missouri CCW 

- for the business owner”

​This course follows the same curriculum as class 202. You’ll experience the same exercises and extended course opportunities as the full day course, just in a more flexible schedule for your business. This class supports the busy schedules of businesses and fits your schedule. This course will be divided into two half days/evening or can be all in one day. Call now to reserve your class date.*This course provides a group fee schedule.

*Call now for pricing.      

Course 300 - Safe and Strong Carry

2 HRS (women only) $25           

“How to carry - for women only”

This class has been built by our female staff members for our female customers. In this women’s only class, students will be able to discuss all the options, concerns and necessities of concealed carry. This class is perfect for women who have just completed their CCW class and need further information about carrying safely. Students will have the opportunity to try on a variety of holsters for on body carry and will also have the opportunity to discuss off body options. Private group reservations can be made for groups of 6 or more.

*This course requires payment and registration. See calendar for monthly dates.

Course 400 - "CCW, Now What?

4 HRS $50

"Introduction to Defensive Pistol Shooting"

Do you know what it takes to train properly? Our CCW, Now What course introduces students to defensive shooting. Defending yourself when you are in fear for your life requires your body to react while under duress. Many of those with CCW permits do not train properly  

or effectively. You and your family deserve for you to be properly trained. This course will introduce students to a proper draw sequence, defensive target acquisition, strong and weak side shooting, shooting from cover and other defensive exercises. This four hour course is designed for students to leave with basic defensive shooting skills that can be practiced. A properly trained CCW permit holder is a prepared CCW permit holder.

This course requires the following:

  • safety eyewear & ear protection
  • defensive pistol, 3 magazines (5 if single stacked)
  • strong side kydex type or strong open top holster for consecutive/multiple draws
  • magazine holster
  • 200+ rounds of ammo (approximately 50 rounds per hour)
  • appropriate clothing for movability

This course is scheduled for the 2nd Sunday and 4th Saturday of each month, 12-4 pm

Quail Creek Guns, Range & Training Facility


Certified Instructors

Our qualified and NRA certified staff of experienced men and women truly care about you and your training. Our staff will do their very best to ensure you are safe and comfortable during your entire training. Along with our NRA certified instructors, we have employed “guest speakers” for our classes. Our speakers have specialized backgrounds as Active and Retired Law Enforcement (local and state levels), Retired Federal Marshall, Active and Retired FBI Agents, and Military Veterans. 

Training Facility 

Our training facility was created with you, the customer, in mind. Our facility includes a dedicated parking area, classroom, along with multiple pistol and rifle ranges. Having an all-inclusive facility allows us the opportunity to provide extensive training for our customers. Second to the instructor, the facility should be the next important element of your training experience. We have also made our place accessible for nearly everyone.

Our classes have been planned with precision and professionalism. All of our classes are on a guaranteed schedule. We limit our class participation in order to provide a small student / instructor ratio. This gives you the ultimate comfort level. 

*If you would like to reserve a private tutoring session or class, please inquire.