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Quail Creek Guns wants to be your firearm dealer choice. Our on demand retail store and training facility provides you with "the customer is always right" service from start to finish. 


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CCW, Now what? $50

Do you know what it takes to train properly?

Our CCW, Now What course introduces students to defensive shooting. Defending yourself when you are in fear for your life requires your body to react while under duress. Many of those with CCW permits do not train properly or effectively. You and your family deserve for you to be properly trained.

This course will introduce students to a proper draw sequence, defensive target acquisition, strong and weak side shooting, shooting from cover and other defensive exercises. 

This four hour course is designed for students to leave with basic defensive shooting skills that can be practiced. A properly trained CCW permit holder is a prepared CCW permit holder.

Follow the link above for scheduling and required materials.

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