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Quail Creek Guns wants to be your firearm dealer choice. Our full service retail store and training facility provides you with "the customer is always right" service from start to finish. 


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Sweetheart CCW Special $75 per couple

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Have you been waiting to get your CCW until the time is right? It can't be any more right,  than right now! Our Sweetheart CCW Special is a 2 for 1. That's right, 2 people for the price of one. Our class stands above the rest and this deal is too sweet to pass up. You won't find a better deal on CCW courses in the state. This is by far our BEST deal of the year. 

Our CCW course is the required 8-5 on the second Saturday or fourth Sunday of the month. We provide breakfast, lunch, the use of our guns, qualifying ammo and a 3 month range membership. 

Sweetheart CCW Special = $75 per couple